99 - Atheist & Humanist Services at Lackland AFB

March 31st, 2016

Matt, Dan, and Ryan are joined by Vicki Gettman, Rebekah McGraw, and Scott Smith who tell us all about the fantastic work they're doing to provide atheist and humanist services at Lackland AFB in Texas. They've had months of record-setting attendance for the services they offer in lieu of religious services for people entering the Air Force. They were wonderful guests, and we had a great time learning more about the all-volunteer services they offer to some of our military members. 


We also cover quite a few news items, including the latest lunacy from Donald Trump, RFRA laws, and Utah's Governor Herbert signing a law which will force doctors to anesthetize women seeking an abortion after 20 weeks. 

Be sure to learn more about the services offered at Lackland and how you can support them by using the links below!

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