78 - GOP Primary Debate IV

November 12th, 2015

Matt, Dan, and Ryan sit down in the Godless Rebelution studio again for coverage of the fourth Republican party primary debate. 


Because the participants in the kids' table event are irrelevant at this point (and because we're tired of them), we decided to skip full coverage of the kids' table event, but we do mention some of the highlights at the beginning of the show. This allowed us some time to record another small(ish) show to talk about the LDS Church's recent policy change that is causing quite a stir among both believers and non-believers all over the world.


This was a pretty tame debate with very little mud-slinging among the featured candidates, but there were also a few compelling takeaways, the main one being that Jeb Bush looks and sounds like he'd rather be doing anything he could possibly imagine besides running for President.

This episode is also LOADED with dick jokes, so there's that.

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