368 - Dan Visits The Left Show

February 15th, 2022

Dan's work has been absolutely nuts lately and he's been putting in 10 to 14-hour days throughout the week. He also had a bit of a work emergency when we were supposed to record, so we didn't end up recording a regular episode of the Godless Rebelution.


The good news is that some old friends of the show, JM Bell and JC Carter, were looking for a guest to fill a spot and record an episode of The Left Show with them on Sunday before the Super Bowl, so Dan was lucky enough to chat with them for a while.


And because we didn't record an episode of the Godless Rebelution, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce new listeners and others who haven't heard of it yet to the awesomeness that is The Left Show by cross-posting their show to our feed this week.


It's always a great time talking with JM and JC, and we're sure you all will have a good time listening as we break down a variety of political news stories over the last week.


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