308 - A Relatively Relaxed Relationship with the Truth

November 12th, 2020

Mitt Romney proved he's got a better sense of humor and more of a spine (barely) than most of his Republican cohorts during an interview with Jake Tapper over the weekend, so we figured we'd give him some props by titling this episode based on his humorous assessment of Donald Trump.
Also, Trump's favorite goon lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, planned a press conference event at the luxurious Four Seasons. His plans went hilariously off the rails (as so many plans from Trump and his allies do), because whoever set up the event actually booked it at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping business - not the Four Seasons hotel. And then, rather than canceling or moving the event, they went ahead and held it in the parking lot next to a sex shop. We can't think of a more apt setting for the end of this shitshow of a presidency. It made Dan laugh so hard he could barely get through the story.
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