281 - It’s Not Really a Ban

January 28th, 2020

If you "ban" a controversial "therapy" used almost exclusively by religious zealots, and then you say religious zealots can continue doing the thing you've banned, what have you actually done?


Aaron Rodgers lost his chance at another Superbowl appearance, so now he hates God. <-- That's how some Christians are describing Rodgers' recent comments about his views on religion. Apparently, his own family feels attacked by Rodgers voicing his opinion.


It looks like god may have finally decided to allow us to possibly, maybe, (probably not) find a cure for a bunch of different cancers he created, but we're not going to hold our breath.


Dan had a great birthday and drank WAY TOO MUCH. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!



Friend of the show and all-around great person, Brandy Hamrick was, unfortunately, recently diagnosed with cancer. She had to have a large section of her colon removed, got a stoma, and also had a port installed for chemotherapy as she continues her treatment plan. We don't make much from Patreon, but we've decided to give Brandy ALL of our Patreon earnings through the end of the year. Please help if you can! You can find her GoFundMe page at this link.



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