262 - Keep Your Private Sector to Yourself

August 21st, 2019

Republicans (and some Democrats) have done a great job of convincing a lot of people that privatization is the answer to a lot of America's problems, but they haven't adequately explained how privatizing things like prisons or our healthcare system actually provide a benefit for anyone except the fatcats at the top of the corporate food chain.


In this episode we learn that Ryan hates mayonnaise, boiled eggs, and vegetables, Ed Smart announces that he is gay, the Chrisley family has been charged with tax evasion, a Washington state woman learns why you shouldn't put a live octopus on your face, Buddhism is the most trusted religion in New Zealand, and Rick Wiles goes on an antisemitic rant about Hollywood.


Also, please do the world a favor - stop spreading bullshit conspiracy theories, mmmkay?


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