243 - Imaginary Problems

March 22nd, 2019

In this episode:

  • The New Zealand terrorist attack at two area mosques
  • Citing "the Devil" as the cause of violence gets us nowhere
  • An anti-vaccination Kentucky student filed suit against Boone county over chickenpox outbreak
  • Louisiana taxpayers get an unexpected double tax refund
  • We pick apart the PEW poll  on happiness and religious belief
  • Britain's National Secular Society says there are a lot of religious "charities" taking advantage of the system
  • Doctors find a tooth in a man's chronically-stuffy nose
  • Zebra's coats help keep insects away
  • Intentionally (allegedly) insulting Islam can be a crime
  • Religious violence is on the rise
  • The populist appeal of Trump's narcissism
  • 13 things a pastor should never say to their congregation - from a pastor 

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