236 - Stupid Mofos

February 1st, 2019

In this episode:
  • John Kilpatrick says Trump’s border wall is a "done deal" because it was prophesied in 2007
  • Florida woman arrested after loud fart leads to death threat
  • Spider bites Australian man on penis… again
  • Texas judge tells jury god told him a defendant is not guilty
  • Washington is under a state of emergency as measles cases rise, may be caused by anti-vaxxers
  • Arkansas asks for a stay in 10 commandments lawsuit, cites Bladensburg Cross case
  • Rick Wiles says the Russia investigation is an English plot to reabsorb America into the British monarchy
  • Roosh V thinks anal sex is a gateway to homosexuality
  • Utah lawmaker tries to block changes for gender on birth certificates
  • Empire star Jessie Smollett attacked by Trump supporters
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