235 - Jizzjection

January 26th, 2019

Matt got over his bug, so the gang's all here!
In this episode: 
  • New York bans conversion therapy for minors
  • David Matheson, leading Mormon conversion therapist is out of the closet and wants to date men
  • With a name like Lester Kester, we probably should have known...
  • Ken Ham offers free admission for public school field trips to the Ark Encounter
  • Indiana GOP legislator sponsors a bill to teach creationism in public schools
  • SCOTUS revives the ban on transgender military personnel
  • Provo, Utah man arrested for threatening to murder as many girls as he can because he's never had a girlfriend
  • Karen Pence takes a job at a Christian school
  • Dan hates Equality Utah
  • Man injects himself with his semen "to cure back pain"
  • PATRONS ONLY: From the cutting room floor - Talking politics
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