231 - Candy Cane Jesus

December 19th, 2018

This will be our last show of 2018 while we take a couple weeks off for the holidays. We hope you all have a safe and happy couple weeks!


In this episode:
  • Pseudoscience medical remedies used in 1747
  • Religious holiday cards
  • Mormons claim Deadpool poster is religious discrimination
  • Utah's Salt Lake County no longer has a Mormon majority
  • Larry Taunton, lying author of book claiming Christopher Hitchens was flirting with Christianity, resigns after cheating on his wife with two young women in his Fixed Point ministry
  • New research suggests atheists have better mental health than other "nones"
  • The religious history of candy canes
  • Nebraska elementary school principal goes overboard in the War on Christmas
  • Christians are freaking out about The Satanic Temple's Chicago chapter holiday display in Illinois
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Congratulations to Andrew Vodopich for winning both prizes mentioned in last week's show notes!


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