228 - Pre-Turkey Turkeys

November 21st, 2018

Ryan got tired while doing some charity work pushing buttons on a camera, so it's just Matt & Dan this week filling your ear holes with fun


We'll be taking a break for the holiday next week, so we'll chat at you again in two weeks


In this episode: 
  • Dan finally finished his lighting project - after breaking one of the lights
  • Jim Acosta's press pass has been restored after CNN filed suit
  • Trump's lies and where to find more information about them
  • Hate crimes increase under Trump administration
  • Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp is a racist shitbag
  • Jemel Roberson, good guy with a gun, was killed by police after stopping an active shooter
  • Freddy Mercury was a Zoroastrian
  • Listener feedback
  • PATRONS ONLY - Liz Crokin says California wildfires are an effort to burn evidence of rampant pedophilia in Hollywood
  • PATRONS ONLY - Archaeologists in Cairo unearth 4,000-year-old tablets depicting Atum, a god who was believed to have flooded the Nile
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