225 - Halloween 2018

October 29th, 2018

It's that time of year when all things are pumpkin spice flavored, the leaves fall off the trees, and spooky stories abound.


We've got some true crime stories, some spooky fiction stories, stories about serial killers, and even a couple spooky stories from our own lives.


In this episode: 
  • We've got a follow-up on last week's story about the Catholic pharmacist in Petoskey, Michigan, who refused to fill a prescription for a woman going through a miscarriage.
  • #MAGABomber sends bombs to several prominent lefties.
  • Vote, goddammit!
  • Million-dollar dream home with a creepy stalker sits empty
  • A brief discussion of "The Haunting of Hill House."
  • Can science prove the existence of a god?
  • Two-sentence horror stories
  • The disappearance and murder of Amber Tuccaro
  • Dean Corll, the Candyman
  • The murder of James Bulger
  • PATRONS ONLY - From the cutting room floor: Ryan wants a nacho cheese dispenser.
  • PATRONS ONLY - From the cutting room floor: Dan acts out his dreams while he sleeps.
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