222 - 30 Dollar Make You Holler

October 8th, 2018

We got to record this episode during a pretty great thunderstorm. In fact, you can hear some of it toward the end of the show.


Shawn McCraney should be in-studio with us next week. Be sure to send us any questions you may have for him


In this episode: 
  • Why Mormons don't drink coffee
  • Dan is a Beto O'Rourke superfan
  • American Atheists filed a federal lawsuit against Stanley (Jason) Rapert
  • You shouldn't argue with judges in their courtroom
  • Trump administration denying visas to unmarried same-sex partners of diplomats
  • Looks like Dan can't go to Greece
  • Scary Russian researchers story
  • Catholic church in Australia implements tap-n-go tithing
  • Turkish atheist group is shutting down due to pressure
  • Comedians aren't gurus
  • Be charitable in your communications
  • Catholic priest arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Salt Lake City
  • PATREON - Dan loves thunderstorms but is afraid of getting hit by lightning
  • PATREON - Creationist school board candidate apologizes for controversial sign
  • PATREON - Chilean police raid Catholic church offices amid abuse probe
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