220 - Turn Up Your Irony Meters

September 25th, 2018

It's been a hectic week, but we were able to get together to record this for you, dear listener.


In this episode: 
  • Listener feedback
  • Kaporos rituals in New York are receiving a lot more scrutiny
  • Texas school district superintendent says you can't count on black quarterbacks
  • Pat Robertson's shield of protection
  • "Firefighter Prophet" says Kavanaugh's accuser needs to repent
  • You can get suspended from Facebook for posting a picture of a turkey crown
  • There was a black widow in the house again
  • Mormonism and the dangers of empire
  • Gun accidentally goes off in LDS Church
  • Texas family sues U.S. for $50M over church massacre
  • Chuck Norris says parents should fight "progressive indoctrination" by sending their kids to Christian colleges
  • PATRONS ONLY - Luke pooped on Ezra's bed
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