217 - Catching Up

September 5th, 2018

Ah... it's nice to have the trio back together again this week. Ryan didn't have any film projects, Dan wasn't traveling for work, and Matt finished moving his parents across the country.

We spent a fair amount of time catching up with each other before covering the following items:

  • Dan doesn't have to worry about religious nonsense in email signatures anymore
  • Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, pledges to revive UN campaign for global blasphemy laws
  • Dutch court says Pastafarianism isn't a religion
  • Jeff Sessions created the Religious Liberty Task Force, so we go through the finer points of why it's not only unnecessary, but also runs counter to the Constitution of the United States 
  • PATRONS ONLY - Catholic psychedelic synth folk music 
  • PATRONS ONLY - The Catholic church has committed the types of atrocities only found in Alex Jones-style conspiracy theories 

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Closing Song: Missing Persons - Words  

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