211 - The 4th Estate with Sarah Welliver

June 20th, 2018

Sarah Welliver is a military veteran, an atheist, and a journalist who was recently laid off from her job at the Ogden Standard Examiner. She joined us in-studio to talk about the decline of print journalism and the difficulties involved with reporting the news in the Trump era.


Also in this episode: 

  • Listener email from a Mama Dragon 
  • PATRONS ONLY - MSN poll about Trump's family separation policy for immigrants shows that there are a whole lot of bigots out there
  • PATRONS ONLY - Trump's habit of tearing documents to shreds after reading them is a problem in more ways than one
  • PATRONS ONLY - 30% of Muslim clerics failed a religion exam
  • PATRONS ONLY - Man denied apartment lease because he's a Muslim

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Closing Song: A Perfect Circle - The Doomed


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