201 - Alpha God with Dr. Hector Garcia

April 11th, 2018

Ryan is off doing his firefighter thang, so X from the Utah Outcasts podcast filled in as co-host with Matt and Dan.


We were delighted to speak with Dr. Hector Garcia, who joined us via Skype for an interview about his awesome book Alpha God: The Psychology of Religious Violence and Oppression.


Other items in this episode:

  • Quick recap of the American Atheists convention in Oklahoma City
  • A brief mention of our Easter/April Fool's Day episode. We'll have more on this when Ryan joins us to record episode 202.
  • Dan is bothered by the inherent unfairness of capitalism
  • Dave Daubenmire says masturbation is a form of homosexuality
  • Takeaways from the latest LDS General Conference
  • Woman shouts "Stop protecting sexual predators!" during LDS General Conference
  • How to not be a trans* ally while claiming you are one
  • PATRONS ONLY -  Fox News: Most Christians are "not good with the Bible"
  • PATRONS ONLY - Trump orders National Guard to the US-Mexico border
  • PATRONS ONLY - Richard Weikart is bothered by atheists who find meaning in life
Closing Song: Tricky - Excess


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