166 - Pie & Beer Day

July 31st, 2017

Instead of spending time with our families, we recorded this episode on the Pie & Beer Day (Pioneer Day, if you're lame). But, since it was a holiday and Dan has a ton to do before the annual Atheists of Utah camping trip, the episode is a bit shorter than usual.


Along the way to Ryan demoting Matt twice, and promoting Dan once, we cover the following items:

  • AIG "scientists" use the Big Book of Bullshit to talk about how deluded Flat-Earth believers are
  • Mormon teachings about Jesus, Lucifer, and the "War in Heaven"
  • 9-year-old child in HIV remission for years without drugs
  • PATRONS ONLY - Liz Crokin: One-third of government is part of a Satanic pedophile ring
  • PATRONS ONLY - GOP Rep. Brian Babin: Law-abiding citizens who make wise decisions don't need ACA coverage
  • PATRONS ONLY - Michele Bachmann: The Lord is working mightily in our government thanks to Trump
  • PATRONS ONLY - Bryan Fischer: Opposition to LGBTQ rights is a test of who can govern when Jesus returns
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