165 - Pornstache

July 24th, 2017

Every so often, Ryan decides to grow a 1970s porn mustache, and this episode (for whatever reason) seems to revolve around that curved caterpillar on his face.


While orbiting Ryan's face-pubes, we also cover the following items:

  • Monkey movie!
  • Atheist woman murdered in triple-homicide love triangle
  • The early spread of domesticated cats
  • Science is under threat in the Trump era
  • Religious leaders are tripping balls... FOR SCIENCE!
  • A single day on whatthefuckjusthappenedtoday.com
  • Ryan has a homophobic co-worker
  • Listener reviews
  • PATRONS ONLY -  Alex Jones quotes, folk-song style
  • PATRONS ONLY - Mark Taylor says Trump has arrested more than 3,000 elite satanic pedophiles
  • PATRONS ONLY - Gordon Klingenschmitt says Americans won't need healthcare if we stop funding Planned Parenthood
  • PATRONS ONLY - Pat Robertson interviews Trump
  • PATRONS ONLY - Extended outtakes

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