164 - Megan Kennedy

July 17th, 2017

You may remember that we previously released (in episode #158) a talk on the Mountain Meadows Massacre delivered by Megan Kennedy for The Satanic Temple Salt Lake City chapter before it was recently disbanded. Because of that, we knew Megan was incredibly smart, so we were excited to have her join us in-studio for an interview. What we didn't know until she arrived is just how much fun we'd have recording with her. She's definitely one of the best guests we've had on the show.


We had a long and wide-ranging interview and discussion with Megan, topped off with getting her input on the recent news of Hobby Lobby being fined $3 million dollars for smuggling ancient Iraqi artifacts. Her education in religious history, archaeology, and anthropology was a perfect fit to cover the story, and we think our Patreon patrons will really enjoy it.


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