163 - The Hangover

July 10th, 2017

Dan had a fun, but rough, weekend in Moab. After falling ass over tea kettle at the bowling alley, he drank WAAAAYYY too much the night before spending four hours on the road driving home, but sucked it up to do the show - in which we cover the following stories: 

  • Twenty interesting things you may not know about Independence Day
  • Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis are trying to weasel out of paying even more taxes
  • The Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas was destroyed - by the same person who destroyed the monument in Oklahoma
  • Creationist drops his lawsuit against the Grand Canyon
  • Travis Weber says Christians should enjoy their "freedom" while they can
  • Argument from authority, bandwagon, begging the question, and argument from ignorance fallacies
  • A correction on a bit from last week's show while talking about the Mandela Effect
  • Chris Christie gets his own private beach
  • Weird News headlines
  • PATRONS ONLY -  We agree with an evangelical reverend
  • PATRONS ONLY - Jesse Lee Peterson says to stop your kids from reading Harry Potter books because it will make them compassionate

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