162 - Mark Nebo on the #NormalizeAtheism Campaign

July 3rd, 2017

Matt is back and joins Ryan and Dan for an interview with Mark Nebo to discuss the #NormalizeAtheism campaign. We also cover the following stories: 
  • Vatican Probes Brazilian Exorcists Who 'Made a Pact With Satan'
  • The Mandela Effect
  • Ice is a good insulator, and scientists may use it to combat climate change
  • Alex Jones has a new alter-ego named Tuck Buckford
  • Jim Bakker says Jesus commands you to be a prepper in order to justify selling his slop buckets
  • There's a difference between religious freedom and religious privilege, and you should call it out when you see it
  • PATRONS ONLY - Dave Daubenmire: Christians Must ‘Embrace The Hate’ Against Atheists Who Are ‘Teaching Our Kids Homo Sex Is Normal’
  • PATRONS ONLY - Dave Daubenmire: Christians Better Get Angry Or ‘Your Grandkid Is Going To Be A Homo’
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