161 - A Cross Comes Down and a Girl Stands Up

June 26th, 2017

Matt wasn't feeling well and had to miss this episode, but Ryan and Dan are joined by the always-great Grant Larimer, who was kind enough to fill in at the last minute to go over a bunch of news items, including:
  • We announce a prize drawing for online reviews of the show!**
  • Minnesota Republican representative Abigail Whelan invokes Jesus to avoid answering a question about tax havens
  • We toss a racist Starbucks customer into the Basket of Deplorables
  • The American Humanist Association (AHA) and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) win a case to remove a giant cross on public property in Pensacola, FL
  • AHA attorney, Monica Miller, isn't feeling the Christian love after winning her case to remove the cross
  • The Southern Baptist Convention descended into chaos while arguing about whether they should condemn the racist alt-right
  • Neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky says you have no free will
  • Dan is interviewed by a University of Utah student
  • A 12-year-old Mormon girl comes out as a lesbian while bearing her testimony in church
Patreon subscribers get nearly 40 minutes of extras this week, including Grant playing the role of a scammer posing as an Illuminati recruiter who contacted Ryan. It's wild! 


** Prize drawing details:
  • Write a 5-star review of the show on iTunes (only if you think we deserve it!)
  • Send a screenshot of your review to us via email with "Review Prize Drawing" in the subject line
  • All 5-star reviews (existing and new) will be entered to win a fabulous prize during a drawing held while recording our episode on July 31.
  • Winner will be announced during the episode that will be released Monday, August 2, 2017 (probably earlier for Patreon subscribers).
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