158 - The Mountain Meadows Massacre & Mormon Extremism

June 2nd, 2017

This episode isn't our usual fare. It's a talk that was organized by the Utah Chapter of The Satanic Temple as part of their Religious Education Series, which was aimed at analyzing religion throughout history and how it affects (some would say "infects") various aspects of our modern lives. The talk was presented by Megan Kennedy, who holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and Religious Studies from the University of Utah. She is a professional writer and photographer.


Ryan was kind enough to bring his filming gear, so we also have video of the presentation available on our YouTube channel. Ryan wired Megan with a lavalier (one of those fancy lapel microphones) for great sound, but the rest of the audio was captured on a mobile recording device and a microphone mounted to the top of Ryan's video camera, so it's not fantastic - but it's decent.


We're currently trying to schedule Megan as a guest for a future episode or episodes. She's got a lot of great information to share!


We'll be publishing episode #159 this weekend for our Patreon supporters, and on Monday for our regular feed. 


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