153 - Dr. Karen Garst

April 24th, 2017

We were delighted to have Dr. Karen Garst as our guest for this episode. She joined us to talk about her book, Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion. Her book contains stories from 22 women who share their stories of what led them to leave behind their various forms of religion and the lives they now lead after moving away from supernatural beliefs. We were lucky enough to even have her read a couple excerpts for us!


It's a bit difficult to believe, but this episode completes three full years of us recording the Godless Rebelution podcast! As such, the rest of the show is a lot more loose than our usual fare and has only been very lightly edited for continuity and sound quality. You'll notice it's a bit more rambling and raw than what you've heard from us for a long time.


In addition to our interview with Dr. Garst, we covered the following items:

  • Openly atheist Arizona state representative Athena Salman delivers godless invocation which led a Republican colleague to remind her that prayers are supposed to mention a "higher power"
  • Ryan educates us on some of the finer points of firefighting
  • Kevin Swanson says pastors with gay children must resign
  • Rick Wiles exposes himself as an anti-semite during rant where he calls Ivanka Trump a "Kabbala practicing, evil woman"
  • We wax philosophical throughout the other stories, talk about the last three years of doing the show, and hint at what's next

Patreon subscribers get extended outtakes and early-release content for this episode. We've also got some items from the last couple episodes that ended up on the cutting-room floor that we'll be releasing as patron-only content in the next few days.


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