152 - Steve Bannon - Part 2

April 17th, 2017

We hope you had a pleasant Zombie Jesus Day!


This is the second in our two-part coverage of Steve Bannon, courtesy of Alexander Scholl who put a ton of work into giving us a comprehensive and frightening look into what makes Bannon tick.


We also cover the following news items:

  • FFRF challenges Ole Miss football
  • Pornhub's April Fool's Day prank
  • Callifornia pastor commits murder-suicide
  • We learn a little more about the number 42
  • Sean Spicer fails miserably at comparing Assad to Hitler
  • A Pennysylvania senator thinks body heat is causing global warming
  • Texas House bill attempts to promote religious discrimination for adoptions
  • Louisiana teen kicked out of prom because her dress wasn't long enough
  • Speaker at LDS General Conference says to pay tithing before feeding children
  • ** Pat Robertson says boys are being turned into wimps
  • **The LDS Church exercises emotional manipulation through ads
  • ** Gordon Klingenschmitt says Katy Perry is ruled by Satan
  • ** We listen to the Emo Trump song
  • Pew Research Center predicts percentage of religious "nones" will decline due to lower birth rate as compared to religious counterparts

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