151 - Steve Bannon - Part 1

April 10th, 2017

Due to some unforeseen circumstances (namely, a pant-load of news surrounding him), we decided to break our coverage of Steve Bannon into two parts. Alexander Scholl put a ton of work into giving us a comprehensive and frightening look into what makes Steve Bannon tick.


Other circumstances forced us to spend quite a bit longer editing the show this week, so there aren't any extras BUT our patrons are still receiving the show more than a day before everybody else.


We also cover the following news items:

  • Liberty High School in Texas sets aside a room for prayer
  • LDS Church leader Thomas Monson hospitalized
  • Christian nurse fired for pestering patients with prayer
  • Arizona State University changes teaching of evolution to not upset religious believers
  • The University of Utah is researching through brain scans the physical science of what makes church and religious adherence appealing

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