143 - Extreme Vetting

February 13th, 2017


We received a lot of great feedback on episode #142 with Christian listener and Trump voter, Tim, so we spend some time addressing that before moving on to:

  • The Super Bowl and Lada Gaga's performance
  • Vaccine efficacy and herd immunity
  • Domnic Johnson's irrational video calling atheists irrational
  • Russia decriminalizes domestic violence
  • Idaho rapist sentenced to sexual celibacy until marriage
  • Russian opponent of Putin is poisoned for a second time
  • The spread of white nationalism
  • How the railroad helped the North win the US Civil War
  • Rascal-punching racists
  • Bryan Fischer says Jesus would support Trump's immigration policies
  • Dave Daubenmire says Lady Gag's halftime performance was a "Celebration of Satan" perpetrated by the Illuminati


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