141 - Great Minds Gala with Rebecca Sims & Tamara Fox

January 29th, 2017


The fabulous and dynamic duo of Rebecca Sims and Tamara Fox joined us in-studio for an interview and to tell us all about the upcoming Atheists of Utah Great Minds Gala.


Along the way, we talk about the new religious freedom bill signed into law in Mississippi, a Confederate-flag-flying racist teacher in California (of all places), a father & son who imprisoned and raped the father's step-daughter for more than a year and who want to use the Bible while defending themselves in court and to question people during their trial, and eight memorable moments from the Satanic Panic era.


** Early release and bonus content (which is exclusively available to our Patreon patrons) includes almost 30 minutes of us reacting to Glenn Beck's short video on the recent Women's March, and Rick Joyner's video disparaging the march's participants as expressing the "Jezebel spirit."


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Atheists of Utah Great Minds Gala: http://www.atheistsofutah.org/winter-gala


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