126 - You Got Perioded On (Return of the Matt)

October 10th, 2016

Matt's back!... At least for a few episodes before he jumps into the next round of his EMT training, and he brought his always delightful sister, Meg, with him.


We decided that a recap of the first presidential debate and the vice president debate would be better than full coverage of either of them because so much time has elapsed since they were originally aired, and we cheated by throwing in SNL's skit recapping the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trumpsterfire. 


Matt has a small "What Matters" segment covering a few things that happened while he was away, Dan recounts an online political argument, Ken Ham is sure to get his followers' houses egged on Halloween, Meg argues that God strips people of free will, Dan blows a gasket while watching a portion of the leaked videos from the LDS Church, Anne Coulter blames atheists for the "Never Trump" movement, and Meg & Ryan confuse everybody while talking about period mist.


Closing song: Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack


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