125 - What Matters - The Best of Matt Mitchell

October 3rd, 2016

As promised, this is the “best of” Matt Mitchell episode. Matt brings a whole lot to the show. He’s funny, he’s fiery, and he’s got a quick comedic wit that always leaves us laughing. 


You’ll notice as we move through these clips that the sound quality improves with each one. That’s because they're listed in order of appearance from our earliest episodes to the most recent episodes. We’ve made a whole lot of changes over the last 2 ½ years (created an actual studio recording room, upgraded our mic stands, got windscreens to handle “plosive” words, added some mute buttons to cover background coughing, added some shock mounts, changed our editing process, etc.). 


Matt - we miss you, buddy, and look forward to having you back on the show very soon.


As always, thanks for listening. Viva La Rebelucion!


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