110 - America’s Pulse

June 18th, 2016

We're back in the studio after taking a week off. We review what we've been doing for the last week, Dan talks about the Reason Rally, and we cover the following stories:
  • Pulse Orlando shooting
  • Lt Governor of Texas deletes biblical tweet after realizing God's perfect word isn't always perfect
  • A timeline of violence against the LGBTQ community
  • Orlando shooter had visited Pulse several times and had a profile on gay dating app
  • Some of the all-too-typical right-wing responses to the Orlando shooting
  • President Obama schools a right-winger on gun control
  • Descriptions of Donald Trump's hair
  • Owen Jones walks out of Sky News interview
  • Virginia man dies after months in jail for petty theft
  • Alex Jones says the real victims of the Orlando shooting are gun owners
  • Millienials are not the problem
Closing song: Jimmy Buffett -  Margaritaville
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