108 - Things Get Trumpy with Temell Buggs

June 8th, 2016


We were happy to have Temell Buggs join us in-studio once again! We've missed his sexy voice, and we're sure you have too.

In this episode:

  • We briefly revisit the topic of free will 
  • Trump won't be debating Bernie Sanders after all
  • Trumpenstein also won't be releasing his tax returns
  • Gary Johnson wins the Libertarian party primary race
  • Man is attacked at Walmart for taking his own 5-year-old daughter into the men's restroom 
  • The Trumpinator says a whole lot of nothing at a "Rolling Thunder" rally
  • How will the Libertarian party affect the outcome of this election cycle?
  • Louie Gomert on trans* issues, same-sex marriage, statistical "manyoomuls," Shemita blood moons, and much more
  • We spend about 20 minutes trying to decipher what the Hell Alex Jones is ranting about
  • Ray Comfort is told not to attend the Reason Rally
  • Alex Jones says Michelle Obama is a secretly a man who killed Joan Rivers to cover up this fact

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