106 - Bible LARPing

May 19th, 2016


It was a long night & we were all a little punchy by the end of the show, but we didn't want to leave the rebelutionaries without having anything from us this week. You're welcome.

  • Intro to determinism and free will
  • What Trump has in common with his voting base
  • How many guns are there in the US?
  • Gordon Klingenshit doesn't like the idea of atheist scholarships
  • More from Ryan's Christian Facebook friend
  • Bible LARPing
  • Glenn Beck calls for conservatives to leave the Republican party
  • Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson says God will punish America
  • In lieu of flowers, don't vote for Hillary
  • American Atheists files suit against Bradley County Sherriff's Office in Tennessee
  • Kentucky Fried Fingernails
  • Atheist and supporter of The Satanic Temple, Steve Hill, is running for public office in California
  • 7-year-old Muslim boy killed for cursing God
  • David Duke hopes to get Trump to embrace full-blown antisemitism
  • Planned Parenthood employee schools an online commenter

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