105 - Lockets Full of Demon Semen

May 13th, 2016


We're all very busy for the next couple weeks so this episode is a bit shorter than usual, but it's still chock-full of blasphemous goodies. We even start a discussion about the existence of free will.

  • Why Ted Cruz failed
  • Mentally ill man trades meds for the Bible
  • Only in the US does it matter if you're an elected official who also happens to be a Muslim
  • North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory, doubles down on his ignorant bigotry
  • South Carolina has a "Stand Your Ground" law that leads to horrors Floridians haven't dreamed of
  • Ryan shares more from his Christian friend's Facebook account
  • Christians caught in the zombie zeitgeist
  • Firefighters don't use poles
  • An Israeli man tried to file a restraining order against God
Closing song: M - Pop Muzik

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