196 - Joey Tophat

March 5th, 2018




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We spend the bulk of the show going through this terrible bit of garbage from the LDS Living website.


We also talk about:

  • "As a Christian," how can any god allow horrific evil like the Florida school shooting?
  • A woman claims she saw Bigfoot, and she's suing the state of California to "prove" it.
  • Georgia's Lt. Governor warns Delta that he'll block tax legislation benefiting airlines unless Delta reverses its decision to stop offering discounts to NRA members
  • PATRONS ONLY -  Our conversation drifted into the dark and disturbing world of serial killers (feel free to blame Ryan). As part of this conversation, Dan read a letter from Albert Fish to the mother of one of his victims. It's fucking dark. It's also the first time we've felt compelled to offer a trigger warning ahead of the segment. 

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