194 - David Silverman on AACon

February 19th, 2018

We were delighted to have American Atheists' President, David Silverman, on the show to talk about the 2018 American Atheists convention in Oklahoma City, along with a whole bunch of other stuff including:

  • Ryan is getting ready to sell his house
  • Matt is nearly done with his tiling job
  • Dan fixed a couple toilets and has been installing smart switches all over the house
  • Recap of the 2018 Darwin Day event in Salt Lake City
  • Dan is a terrible companion sometimes
  • We're tired of hearing that other atheists aren't "joiners"
  • Texas agriculture commissioner pens essay praising slaveholder and confederate President during Black History Month
  • Ken Ham's speech got canceled at a university in Oklahoma
  • More southerners we admire
  • We break down Dr. Keith Ablow's recent "Trumping Your Life" article
  • PATRONS ONLY -  Ryan works with a Trump supporter
  • PATRONS ONLY - Man wears a shirt that says "Fuck Donald Trump, and fuck you for voting for him" to a restaurant in the South. Any guesses about how that turned out?

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