193 - Shitbindle

February 14th, 2018

Ryan had his fill of driving for the day, so he joined Matt & Dan via Skype to talk about:

  • Bryan Fischer's definition of "evangelical"
  • A London shitbindle steeped in far-right anti-muslim ideas
  • Gun deaths are now the number three cause of death for US children
  • Should you spank your children?
  • Voodoo has some seriously weird ideas about disciplining children
  • South Africa is running of out water
  • This is the first year in a very long time that Dan hasn't watched the State of the Union address
  • Decoding the Super Bowl halftime show conspiracy-style
  • Being a "liberal atheist" doesn't mean you're also a good skeptic
  • PATRONS ONLY -  Donald Trump Jr says his dad isn't racist because he has a lot of friends who are rappers
  • PATRONS ONLY - Charles Barkley says there's no such thing as a vegetarian

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