176 - AK-747s with Chris Reed

October 12th, 2017


We were happy to have Chris Reed from the Utah Outcasts podcast join us in-studio for this episode. It's been too long since we've had him on the show to help us cover things like:

  • Las Vegas shooting claims the lives of 58 innocent people
  • Arvin Vorha, Vice Chair of the Libertarian party, posts a statement saying we should repeal all gun laws after the Las Vegas shooting
  • How Chris and Dan became feminists
  • Josh Abbott Band guitarist changes his stance on gun control after the Las Vegas shooting
  • Donald Trump is amazed by water purification tablets
  • Protests in St. Louis over Jason Stockley murder acquittal
  • PATRONS ONLY -  Rep. Tim Murphy resigns after abortion scandal
  • PATRONS ONLY - State Department "clarifies" its "no" vote on UN resolution against the death penalty for blasphemy and homosexuality
  • PATRONS ONLY - Free will revisited (again)
  • PATRONS ONLY - Nick Cannon says he will not apologize for using "offensive words"
  • PATRONS ONLY - Free will re-revisited (again again)

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