172 - Nazis and Hurricanes and DACA, Oh My!

September 14th, 2017


Ryan is back from working some overtime in order to derail the show whenever a thought crosses his mind (between thoughts about using the bathroom).


Also in this episode: 

  • What Matters: Nazis and Antifa
  • Thoughts & swears for all of our listeners affected by recent hurricane destruction
  • The all-too-predictable "end of the world" pronouncements from religious fundies
  • Rush Limbaugh evacuates after telling others Irma was a government hoax
  • A woman claims to have power over hurricanes
  • Polk county Sheriff, Grady Judd, says he has an alternate shelter (jail) available for those with outstanding warrants
  • Trump likes when Ivanka calls him "daddy"
  • Don junior offers his fourth explanation for meeting with Russians
  • The House of Representatives unanimously passes a bill for autonomous vehicles
  • Kenya nullifies their recent election results
  • DACA changes (AKA Hurricane Trump)
  • PATRONS ONLY - So whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want?
  • PATRONS ONLY - Paula White: Trump's spiritual advisor
  • PATRONS ONLY - Extended outtakes

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