168 - Bigfootprints in the Sand

August 14th, 2017


Besides breaking the code for how to turn eloquence into a Trump tweet, Matt broke Dan with his revised edition of the ubiquitous "Footprints" poem.


Here's the full rundown of what you'll find in this episode:

  • Police brutality at the Ogden Pride recap, complete with police brutality
  • Matt issues a correction for the 2 Skeptical Chaps
  • In what should come as no surprise to most of our listeners, a fake news blog duped a bunch of people on the right
  • Ex-Muslim atheists in Malaysia receive death threats after meeting
  • Macey's grocery store moves to being open on Sunday, and fundies lose their collective shit
  • It's been confirmed - the Wisconsin airport smells like cheese
  • Reviewing Trump's call to the Australian Prime Minister
  • Matt generates Trump tweets
  • Young boy applies for NASA's Planetary Protection Officer position
  • Pope Fluffy bashes the trans* community
  • College turns down $3M donation from Baptist convention
  • DNA sequencing of the Canaanites...?
  • Georgia mayor threatens to arrest atheist blogger over complaint of "In God We Trust" being put on police patrol cars
  • Sleep noises
  • Harvard-educated economist says humans and dinosaurs lived at same time and fought each other (obviously)
  • Religious people's minds are dominated by emotion
  • North Carolina church enslaves Brazilian worshippers
  • PATRONS ONLY - Dan relates a story of an asshole in a parking lot and the golf pro who is a probably a closeted atheist
  • PATRONS ONLY - Rick Joyner: Chaos in the White House means that Trump is a great leader
  • PATRONS ONLY - Jim Bakker: Buy my slop buckets because we're heading for 42 hellish months
  • PATRONS ONLY - Dave Daubenmire: Paying taxes is sin
  • TONS of outtakes, because Dan was wrecked by Matt's poem

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