148 - Stu De Haan and Michelle Shortt

March 20th, 2017


We had a lot of fun talking to Stu De Haan and Michelle Shortt, co-chapter heads of The Satanic Temple's Arizona chapter and all of the great work they're doing.


Also in this episode:

  • The Ides of March
  • Scott Pruitt is a climate change denier
  • The end of religion is Nye
  • Christian group produces anti-gay pro-Trump ad
  • Religious people are not interested in compromise
  • Leaked enemies of the LDS Church
  • ** Christians are boycotting new Beauty & the Beast movie
  • ** Boots Opticians company in UK tells applicant she needs to dress more conservatively
  • ** Alex Jones wants to beat up Alec Baldwin for SNL skit
  • ** Extended outtakes


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