147 - International Women’s Day

March 13th, 2017


We talk about International Women's Day, address a listener question about reproductive choices, and rant a bit about Libertarians.


Also in this episode: 

  • Listener feedback
  • Hundreds of bodies of children and infants found at Catholic home for unwed mothers
  • Ben Sleepytime Carson says African slaves were immigrants who wanted a better life
  • Libertarian Virgina man who threatened the life of President Obama is running for office on a platform of subjugating women
  • Folllow-up to last week's story about Fox News' Todd Starnes
  • Family Christian Stores going out of business & closing all 240 locations
  • Rick Wiles says a satanic child-murdering cabal is leading a coup against President Trump
  • Pastor Manning is back to let us know that Kellyanne Conway is a "stringy-haired slut"
  • ** Idaho man says he was rescued by his 8-year-old son (and angels) after being trapped under his Prius
  • ** Asia Carrera politely declines guest appearance offer
  • ** Christian rock bands
  • ** Watching Vice clip of Alex Jones

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