48 - Anniversary Episode

April 29th, 2015

We've reached our one-year milestone! That's right - Matt, Ryan, and Dan have been doing this shit for an entire year, and the time has flown by.

Atheists of Utah's own Chris Reed joins us in-studio to talk about his Marathon Dad effort. We're also joined by Temell Buggs via phone to discuss recent events in Baltimore.

Marathon Dad on Facebook
Obama Anger Translator during Correspondent's Dinner
Rand Paul Sells Out
Show Closer: A Perfect Circle - Imagine

47 - Earth Day

April 23rd, 2015

We didn't have a guest, so we chose to rant about a variety of topics this week. It's all about boobs, butts, and dicks - both literally and figuratively.

Opening Song: XTC - Dear God
The LEFT Show
Belle Gibson is a terrible human being
Ex-cops Smoke Weed for the First Time
Bobby Jindal is a White Man
Texas Church Members Try to Resurrect "Demon Possessed" Toddler
Matt Dillahunty's First Appearance on The Atheist Experience
Matt Dillahunty - Why Won't You Love Me?

Arkansas Wants a Baphomet Statue

Lucien Greaves Panel Discussion on Huffington Post
Louie Gohmert: Gays Are Persecuting 'Christians All Across America'
Fox News Hates Muslims
Arizona Pastor Wants to Kill Gay People
Closing Song: Anthony David - God Said

46 - The GMO Debate

April 16th, 2015

Matt returns this week to discuss the hotly debated topic of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Are they good for us? What are the benefits of living in a world of so-called Frankenfood? Why are some people so afraid of the science behind genetic manipulation of our food supply? Tune in to find out!


The best source for pro-science information is the GMO Wiki section of Skepti-Forum.org.

45 - American Atheists Convention

April 9th, 2015

Ryan's brother, Zach, joins us in-studio for a recap of the great time had by all at the American Atheists' 2015 convention in Memphis, TN. 

Show Opener - Steve Martin: Atheists Don't Have No Songs
Mike Huckabee thinks "the gays" won't stop until there are no more churches
Wisconsin isn't full of only serial killers and crazy people
Filipino Catholics like to crucify themselves to celebrate Easter

Florida Pastor - This is a man's world!

Irishman calls the Westboro Baptist Church to find out how to get into Heaven
Show Closer - James Brown: It's A Man's World


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